An artistic universe

in steel

“Know thyself and you will know the universe”.
The plastic language of my steel sculptures seeks to perpetuate the essential traces of an Architecture that comes from a superior world, from a creator, from the true and only great Artist, the great Architect of all that exists. I do not pretend then to be called an Artist, but I prefer to be always an apprentice who tries to interpret and transmit something of the beauty that already exists, because nothing can be invented, nothing can be created, only discovered and converted to a personal form of expression.
May my short passage through life sow through my works, a call of respect and love for the world that surrounds us.

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Video: Work and trajectory.


Artistic Expression


Artistic expression
What I am looking for

I look for each of my works to contain 3 basic elements, which are:

Contained in the interior of each work, it must make the spectator feel, while observing it, its roots, its spirit, its essence, its inner being, expressed in its steel parts.
In the expression, in the layout, in the position, in each of the details that compose it, making itself noticeable and influencing the space in which it is placed, radiating vitality and energy.
In its general context, conveying the impression of not being a static work, but a living being that comes out of its three-dimensional structure, to jump into the surrounding space.
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