Gustavo Santander


Each piece is packaged in a luxury wooden case, custom designed to guarantee total protection of the piece during the route to its destination.

All of our works include a Certificate of Authenticity engraved in Stainless Steel with our signature, serial number and fingerprint of the Artist.

Gustavo Santander


My inclination towards the Arts and Three-Dimensional Design, enhanced by my studies in Architecture and Fine Arts, has brought me to develop a unique artistic technique, which uses advanced technology, for the design and production in series of any type of Work in Stainless Steel that the client desires, without a limit of complexity, with works that are comprised of more than 300 different parts which once assembled, produce as a result Works of Art of a high level of difficulty and great Artistic Beauty.

  • Esculturas en acero Stainless steel sculptures
  • Esculturas en acero inoxidable Sculptures in stainless steel
  • Obras de arte en acero Works of art in stainless steel
  • Arte en acero inoxidable Art in stainless steel
  • Obras de arte en metal Works of art in metal
  • Rostros en acero Faces in stainless steel
  • Retratos en acero Portraits in stainless steel
  • Decoración en acero inoxidable Decoration in stainless steel
  • Obras decorativas en acero Decorative works in steel
  • Artículos de decoración en acero inoxidable Decorative stainless steel articles
  • Ranas en acero Frogs in stainless steel
  • Caballos en acero Stainless Steel horses
  • Escultores acero Stainless Steel sculptors
  • Esculturas modernas en metal Modern sculptures in metal
  • Esculturas metálicas Metal sculptures